“Dr. Held, you are a blessing! We appreciate the wonderful help you have given our family.” – Keith and Clova K.

“A big thank you to Dr. Young for a flawless LASIK surgery on me this morning! As soon as I woke up from my nap, I could see even better than with contacts and it had only been a few hours. There is nothing better than being able to read street signs and clocks around the house without glasses or contacts! I’m so glad I chose Dr. Young to perform my LASIK – she’s the best!  She was so comforting during the procedure also. She made sure to talk me through each step and let me know how long everything would take so I wouldn’t be nervous. Go see her, you’ll be so glad you did!!” – Ashley B.

“Just wanted to tell you that the world is so beautiful. YOU did a great job and thanks again!” – Barbara E.

“Thank you, thank you for my new “eyes!” LASIK was awesome and I am amazed at all that I can see now!! I told Jeff that it is like the world is in HD:)” – Alison M.

“No more glasses! You’re terrific! Thank you so much.” –Nancy W.

“Dear Dr. Young, I have met a lot of wonderful people in my life, but I have to say that you are the first doctor with a heart of gold that I have ever met and I will never forget. “ –Nicole D.

“Dr. Held, Thanks to you, I am again driving legally! I can now get behind the wheel without the muscles of my stomach tightening! Thank you.” – Chuck K.

“Dear Dr. Young, Over a year ago I came to you in pretty bad shape. With your care, I got better over the following weeks and months, and am now healed and strong – in no small part due to your kindness and skill! Thank you for being so human and so wonderful at what you do – a true healer!” – Galaxy D.

“Dear Dr. Held and staff, Thanks to you and your staff for your kindness and consideration as well as professionalism during my recent surgery. It is much easier being a surgeon than being the patient and I am now, more than ever, cognizant of that fact. All of you were extremely helpful and know that I do appreciate this aspect of my experience.”
–Joe E.

“Dear Dr. Young, Just taking a minute to tell you THANK YOU for all your care and attention to my wet macular degeneration the last couple of years. I have been around for a while and I have never had such a great relationship with any doctor, thus I am sending this card. Thank you for being a great person and talented doctor.” – John T.

“Dr. Held, Thank you for being such a wonderful person. I truly appreciate all of your help and kindness. Frank and I are fortunate to have you!!” –Ann S.

“Dr. Young, Thank goodness you insisted on an early follow-up appointment. I’m on the recovery road which you initiated. What a joy to have you caring for me as my doctor! There are not adequate words to tell you how much you are loved! In deep gratitude,” – Marcia C.

“Dear Dr. Held, Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the outstanding care you provided before, during and after my cataract surgeries. You were very understanding; always answered all of my questions; and I have never felt rushed during an office visit. All of your office staff are very pleasant and helpful. I’ve already given your name to four of my friends for down the road!” – Penny S.

“Dr. Young, Just a big THANK YOU to you and your staff. We enjoyed each appointment. Always left with a smile!” – Joyce C.

“Hi Dr. Held. I just wanted to send you a note, to thank you for everything! I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself as much as I have in Australia if it wasn’t for you! After having to wear some sort of corrective lenses from the age of three years old, it amazes me still, the difference you’ve made in my life! I got to spend Christmas snorkeling! Thanks again. “See” you soon!” – Stacey M.

“Dear Dr. Young, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciated you as my eye doctor. Not only are you the most knowledgeable and efficient, but you always made me feel comfortable. You seem as a friend. Hugs.” – Jenny H.

“Dear Dr. Held, Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for using your magnificent skills to do something for me to enable me to do something I never thought I would be able to do – SEE WIHOUT GLASSES! You are a true Godsend. p.s. Your staff is fantastic too!” – Marilyn K.

“Dear Dr. Young, Your patience and kindness to me, during a very difficult time, will never be forgotten. You have certainly chosen the right profession. God has given you a very special gift.” – Toni S.

“Dear Dr. Held, I would like to thank you for giving me a quality of life in seeing that I have not had for many years. I do thank and praise God for blessing you with this great knowledge and talents. Many thanks.” – Josephine A.

“Dear Dr. Young, Thank you so very much for making Annabelle’s first eye exam a wonderful experience. She loved that you had naturally curly hair like hers. You were so sweet with her. Thank you again for your kindness.” – Ann T.

“Dear Dr. Held, How grateful I am to you for this gift of sight. I never knew how blessed I was to have you in control of my vision all these years! You are so kind and considerate to be so patient with this patient! Thank you for all your help and talent. I am so very pleased to know you. I appreciate you and hope to be a good example to many to show how sight can open up many hearts. You are a star and a credit to your profession. With love and wishes for great success in your future.” –Sandy M.

“Dr. Young, Thank you for being not only a wonderful doctor, but also a very caring friend. God bless you and your family.” – Florence S.

“I thank God and Dr. Held for the blessing of good eye sight. I thank Dr. Held and her staff for their expertise and for their patience in explaining procedures. I picked up my glasses yesterday and it is such a joy to drive and be comfortable driving!”

“Dear Dr. Young, My heart smiles when I think of you. Your expertise, caring and kindness touch my heart. Hugs, blessings and much love to you and your family.” – Kate S.

“Dear Dr. Young, You have been a first rate physician and one of our all-time favorite care providers. You are outstanding at what you do and such a warm, compassionate and nice person.” – Denise S.

“Dear Dr. Young, I just wanted to let you know how much Darryl appreciated your care when we came into your office. You were the best! Even though he did not want the needle in his eye, he knew you were telling him everything possible you could try to do to help him. Too many times in my life I have not thanked the people I needed to and I am trying to do better.” – Bonnie S.